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From the quarry to your interiors: following your marble project step by step.

We are an Italian firm with a team of interior designers highly specialized in marble. We provide end-to-end solutions, from supply to installation. Whatever your budget is or whatever size you need, tell us about your dreams and we will make them come true!

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Marble, complexity at its very best.

Marble lends the most ambitious interior-design projects an unmistakable air of prestige and class. However, like any material with a strong personality, it is tricky to deal with. For example, familiarity with the great number of technical and aesthetic features inherent in this material is essential to making the right choice. As a stone, it is heavy yet delicate at the same time, so it requires careful handling during the logistics phase. It is of paramount importance to check its compatibility with other building materials both at the planning and installation stage. These are only some of the aspects that should always be borne in mind.

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Enjoy the final result. We will do the rest.

Watch as your idea unfolds and enjoy the final result. We will take care of managing everything as thoroughly as you would have done yourself.

With its team of Italian designers with high levels of expertise in the marble sector, Semarble follows your projects from start to finish. We carry out the most rigorous tests to assess material suitability, we deal with logistics-related paperwork, and we rely on specialised laying teams who work by the book to deliver perfect results

Semarble results

Who needs Semarble’s services?

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Our services are geared to meet your every requirement.

Our comprehensive Marble Interior Design service accompanies you from the initial idea right through to final installation.

If you want, we can even carry out targeted interventions only on one or more specific parts of the project, i.e. supplying top-end materials or providing consultancy about specific marble-related issues.

We offer a wide range of finishes and types of top-quality marbles, granites and onyxes that you can view at our studio, through pictures or samples that we can send directly to your premises.

Marble is undeniably an excellent choice in aesthetic terms and an equally wise one for technical reasons, not only because of its suitability for certain sites but also because of its hardwearing nature.

We also run a variety of tests on materials and products to make sure that material combinations perform to a high level.

Having trained as architects, we adopt a multipronged approach to the planning stage with a high level of client involvement, offering functional and elegant solutions that are bound to please even the most discerning customers.

We create 3D realistic rendered images, so you can see what your project is going to look like from the start.

We create and share with you the conceptual drawings, diagrams and detailed section views of all parts of the stone package, including any mechanical fixing plans that might be required.

Made up of carefully recruited and reliable experts, our production team is qualified to carry out the most complex cuts and intricate processing work and strives to ensure that each single project is really unique. Throughout the entire production process, we keep in constant contact with the marble laboratory to keep track of the processing phase.

Once the production phase is over, we do a dry lay, so you can see a preview of what the final result will look like.

All our materials are packaged so as to be suitable for the country of destination and the content type. We carefully manage freight operations both on the road and in containers, and we take special care with more complex shipments, such as in the case of air freight.

The Semarble laying team will carefully examine the drawings, order the specified fixing materials and work with the general contractor in order to provide the best possible results and ensure full compliance with safety standards.

You are never alone with Semarble


RESTORATION: we work on site with cutting-edge techniques and products to repair even the most serious damage.

ON-SITE POLISHING: we bring all the equipment needed to the site and buff away any scratches on your flooring, restoring the shine lost after years of use.


CLEANING: we run tests to pinpoint the problem and choose the right products to solve it. After this, we treat the stone on site.

AFTER CARE: we carefully treat the stone surface, protecting your marble from staining and humidity and guaranteeing lasting results.

Maintenance can be carried out on a monthly or annual basis.

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Marble and architecture - a perfect match

Semarble: sē [oneself in Italian] + marble

A love for architecture and interior design merges with multifarious experience in the fine art of marble and allows our practitioners to breathe life into your ideas, giving shape to your desires with the utmost attention to detail.

Semarble approaches each project with its unique blend of Italian artisanship and knowledge of the most stylish design trends on the world market.

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Semarble advantages

“The best of life is in a job you like and in a happy love life.”

— Umberto Saba

The advantages of choosing Semarble

  • Wide range of marbles, onyxes, granites and stones

  • Consultancy on finishes and textures

  • Development of the design and/or technical drawings

  • Testing of stone and laying materials

  • Full customer support throughout the production process

  • Logistics management of paperwork (including customs) and operational activities for the packaged merchandise

  • On-site installation with highly professional laying teams

Enjoy all the sheer natural beauty of marble and the panache of Italian design!

Semarble advantages

“The best of life is in a job you like and in a happy love life.”

— Umberto Saba

When marble takes shape

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